People are not against the police only the black clothes squad
Stabroek News
April 22, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I read the editorial captioned "Closed eyes" (19.4.2002) with some interest. But there are some things which bother me. Why should the PNC stop protesting against the wrongdoings occurring in our society, just because it is assumed that some criminal elements are trying to take advantage of it? That is the role of the police and some of us believe that these persons are being paid to disrupt the demonstrations. It is also interesting to note that there is a call for Buxton (the Black clothes police favourite whipping village), not to react to the various atrocities meted out to them. One only has to observe what is happening to the Palestinians to understand why suicide bombers are on the increase.

Nobody except the PNC and Brother Eusi Kwayana are listening to the Buxtonians.

Stabroek News is correct, the politicisation process began when the police killed Mr. Shaka Blair. It seems as though this was retribution for Leon Fraser's death.

Dr. Roger Luncheon's remarks are even worse. To call us what is tantamount to "Terror Journalists" is to create a reason to get rid of those who speak out against the Black Clothes. Using the emotive word "Terror" to put fear into people's minds and equating us in the way Israel is linking the Palestinians gives the Black clothes the reason to kill with impunity.

The Guyanese people, the PNC and the people of Buxton are not against the police. They are against the brutal Black clothes squad which must be disbanded.

As for my former workmate at GBC, Mr. Emile Mervin, he should return home and see for himself what is happening.

And for the five escapees, well I hope we will not have to wait a further 14 years before they are captured. We had to wait that long for ‘Blackie’.

You can rest assured that I am keeping informed the Society of Black Lawyers and other Guyanese about the horrendous activities of the police and criminals under this government.

Yours faithfully,

Roger E F Moore

Lewisham, England