The people of Buxton also stood out against the wrongs of the Burnham era
Stabroek News
April 19, 2002

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Dear Editor,

We take time off from our busy schedule of fighting against injustices by an uncaring administration which takes the form of police brutality and murders, to extend to Miss Mia Rahaman our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes- Go with God and Guyana, girl. You are indeed a gem because you are genuine and sincere, it was that which stood out and won the hearts of the judges. To all the other beautiful contestants including our own girl- Miss Browne- we salute you all for your courage. You all were winners but only one could take the crown.

We must learn to look beyond what is on the surface and go deep within ourselves, until we do only then can we understand that beauty has nothing to do with facial attributes, shape or size, only. Inner beauty, which is the beauty of the spirit is the foundation from which will emerge size, shape and overall exhuberance. Other societies are hastily removing themselves from seeing a woman as just an object of sexuality and we in Guyana must do the same.

Our haste to accept things that are on the surface, often prevents us from going in depth and we readily accept things that are untruths and riddled with speculations. But I was taught and taught well to know that the truth is often like trying to keep a wind-filled object under water- it never stays under. For those who know the people of Buxton very well will know that it was those same people who stood out against the wrongs of the Burnham era, amidst all forms of vilifications and isolation. To ask us now to remain silent in the sight of so many wrongs, the most recent being the slaying of one of our very own is asking too much of us. Civil society has suddenly become deaf and dumb, there must be other ways of fighting crime. Are we to be responsible for the government's incompetence?

Those who manipulate the truth for their purpose by linking every justice loving Buxtonian with anti-social attitudes are only making us stronger in our resolve to restore law and justice, to return the police force to what it once was not what it now is.

Those who know Buxton well, including some very prominent members of the PPP hierarchy, will know that it was to that same village that they owe most of their political upbringing during those early years of the pre-colonial struggles. I suppose militancy was far from their minds during that era, but it could not be for it was militancy which enforced changes throughout history.

Congratulations to Mcneal Enterprise for showing us that that even among rivalry, we can take time off to relax and even vent our feelings at events such as these- though it was rife with rivalry. It was a job well done and those of us who love this land we call Guyana will agree with me that it was an excellent project.

So Mia, you go knowing you have the backing of one Buxtonian although I am quite sure I am speaking for the majority, and bring home the Gold whether you win or not.

Well, back to the job of being the watchdog of the nation- back to freedom fighting.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address provided)