Let us urgently re-establish lines of communication
Stabroek News
April 18, 2002

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Dear Editor,

A pity, during this period when all energy should be directed towards staking out our place in a rapidly evolving region and world, Guyana must deal with internal distractions.

Parochial distractions in the wider scheme of things but which must be addressed if we are to avoid being consumed by the flatulence which characterises the election season.

I suggest we deal with race head on. Perception is as good as reality when there are no direct lines of communication. Let us urgently re-establish lines of communication, learn about each other from each other. We are still a small population, we interact. At all levels we need to touch bases with those in our circle of acquaintance and honestly hash out some of our deepest feelings.

In some instances this may involve some busing and cussing. All good, part of expressing ourselves. There is no one right solution but we can arrive at a just, workable medium. We try when it comes to cricket. This is a bigger game.

If we do not get our house in order we run the risk of not only queuing up for visas to visit Anguilla but to visit Essequibo.

Yours fatefully,

Ernest Douglas