Mia has a beautiful and expressive face
Stabroek News
April 18, 2002

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Dear Editor,

On Monday evening I saw Mr Lorri Alexander's program "The Way Forward". The program was geared to be an attack on a young lady who in my opinion deserves praise and respect for the hard work and commitment, which she demonstrated by being a Miss Guyana Universe contestant.

The presenter and his callers made very personal attacks on the young lady's figure, intelligence, reputation and her family's perceived wealth.

Neither Miss Rahaman nor any member of her family were judges. She was simply one of twenty young ladies who competed and she had the grace, elegance, sophistication, charm, intelligence and beauty to walk away with the crown.

Mr Alexander then proceeded to criticise the first runner-up by commenting on the pimples on her face. Acne is a problem that everyone suffers from at some point in their lives and it was for that purpose that make-up was invented.

What are you saying? That women who have what you and your viewers perceive as flaws such as an ample figure or a case of acne are not beautiful? Using those criteria, only a handful of women in this world will qualify as being beautiful. What about women who have heavy rear ends, are they not beautiful?

Ms. Rahaman has a beautiful and expressive face, her personality is a reflection of the person who won the hearts of her fellow contestants, and she has class, something which cannot be taught, no matter how much time is invested.

May I remind Mr. Alexander of the fiasco his last pageant turned into. The organisers of this event were able to put on a successful event, with a queen who is worthy of being a queen.

Mia, I congratulate you and I wish you success in Puerto Rico. Hold your head up high; you are Guyana's ambassador. I know that you will do your best. You are indeed a queen and deserving to represent this beautiful land.

Yours faithfully,

Rehana Ali