We have to see each other as kith and kin
Stabroek News
April 17, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I refer to Lutchman Gossai's letter captioned "Can't judge politicians only on what they say or write" (13.4.2002) in which he launches attacks on Mr Raphael Trotman and Cheddi Jagan Jr.

We have a nation to build. We can only build if we civilly embrace each other, both verbally and in spirit. We have to see each other as kith and kin Guyanese. It is the only way out of our terrible and shameful demise as a nation.

Gossai flayed wildly at Trotman because I discern Trotman to be a "sane, humble man" and a "leader of wisdom".

I have spoken to people who know Trotman, and after reading his letter in the Stabroek News I have no doubt that Trotman is a wise, sane and humble man. Gossai ignores what I really said about Trotman: he is a man of vision. And based on that fact, I fully endorse him, and yes - as President of Guyana.

I believe a nation without vision perishes. And I will support anyone who is humble, visionary and has Guyana at heart.

Concerning Dr. Cheddi Jagan Jr., I urge Gossai to emulate him as an outstanding example of who we as Guyanese ought to be. Which Guyanese has ever humbled himself so much as to lie on the road to protest against blackouts? As far as I can see, Jagan is a man who really does seek justice in Guyana. And I know he is right about the 'gang of eight'. That is no fairy tale.

Instead of sponging off his parents, Jagan stood up and fought for what is right. He did not plunge his hand into the national treasury and drive around in a Prado. When some settle in Parliament and ignore the injustices in the land, Jagan, like his father, stood up and spoke out against the forces of oppression stifling the nation. We should be honouring men like Trotman and Jagan. They are our national blessings.

The reason I endorse Trotman is because I believe he is not of the PNC old school. Hoyte transformed the PNC into a sane political organization. Trotman will cleanse it and reform it if he is given the chance, and that will be a huge healing for Guyana.

I believe, like Trotman does, that one day the injustice, the oppression and the ungodliness that permeate the society will give way to justice, compassion and humane understanding. It is, however, only men like Trotman and Jagan who are portraying the vision necessary to relieve the nation of the powers that are oppressing it.

Yours faithfully,

Shaun Michael Samaroo