Jazz music made everyone sleepy including judges
Stabroek News
April 17, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I wish I could say congratulations to Mia Rahaman, but that would be a sin to my soul.

Mia Rahaman should make the gym her home for the next month or so, and stop lifting so much shoulder weights because the rest of her body is being neglected. She promises to shut up the people who think that she did not deserve to win. So what happens if she doesn't reach the top ten of the pageant?

The judges are not to be blamed for their shameful decision, but the overly long interlude of jazz music, which undoubtedly put many people, including the judges in the sleepy frame of mind.

As far as I'm concerned, the radiant and obviously intelligent Juanita Collins is my queen. Juanita Collins is Elegance, Class, Intellect and Poise combined, which represents true feminine Guyanese beauty all the way!

Yours faithfully,

(name and address supplied)