It is not religion but man's lust for power that causes wars
Stabroek News
April 16, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am often amused but usually more frustrated by "atheist" claims that religion is the cause of all the world's killing (see letter by J DeFreitas captioned "Religious belief can be divisive" 8.4.2002) [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ]. While it is undeniable that a significant number of wars and killings have been perpetrated in the name of religion, I believe that it is not the religion itself that is responsible for the death and destruction, but man's uncontrollable lust for power and to rule other people.

It is sheer naivete to claim that "atheists" have never caused any murders. In fact, I submit that the vast majority of killings are due to people who do not have a true belief in God (whatever supreme being that may be). These people are hungry for money and power and with no fear of a judgement day to come. Even though the leaders of the United States claim to be "Christian", the powers (behind the scene) that actually run the government and direct their wanton, destructive endeavor for the world's resources answer to no one, and definitely do not fear any reprisal from God. If they did, how could they justify the hundreds of thousands of people killed by Americans (either directly or indirectly) in Iraq, East Timor, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, and on and on and on. These wars were not waged in the name of religion (and any hint of that was obviously a cover-up for the real economic reasons). They were waged by people whose God is money and power. Those are the true atheists and people have been dying at their hands for thousands of years.

The practice of religion has its faults but that is due to the people who practice the religion. I am not going to state that people do not kill for the sake of religion, because it does happen, just like killing for money or lust or fear or stupidity. Just as there are corrupt people who do not believe in God and who feel the world is theirs to rule and ruin, there are corrupt people who use religion to rule and ruin the world. But the "atheists" should get off their high horse and wake up to the realities of the world. Wars are wrought by corrupt men who are hungry for power, whether they use religion or money as their God, the end result is the same. The hope for religion is that the masses of normal people who believe in those religions have a fear of God and treat all other people, irrespective of their beliefs with humanity and love - and let God decide what is best for that person. Religions provide a guide for the "empathetic moral regard for the needs of others" and these people know they will have to answer to someone/thing. Who or what will keep the atheists in check?

Yours faithfully,

Nadr Jomha