Task force is working on capture of Gang of Five
Stabroek News
April 16, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Your editorial seemed to have missed a fundamental point - the nature of security operations ("No credible plan", [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] 13/4/2002. No law enforcement agency, such as the Guyana Police Force, that is worth its salt would ever telegraph its plan to apprehend criminals: such an action would be counter productive, working in good favour of the bandits; this would be a very unintelligent approach to the situation under consideration.

The Guyana Police Force, the law enforcement arm of the State, has begun working with a plan, but surely no one should expect the Commissioner of Police to publish this without compromising the integrity of its work. This is not like any other matter, it is a state security operation, which includes intelligence gathering, and must be managed by those who have been so trained. We must continue to repose confidence and trust in the skill and professionalism of our policemen and women. Therefore, deliberate action by the police not to publicise its plan does not mean a lack of one. In this regard, we find the editorial very simplistic. In any case, a few weeks ago, the Minister of Home Affairs informed the public that a task force has been established to deal specifically with the recapture of the February 23 five. Not much more could have been said about its operation. Also, the Commissioner of Police has given an undertaking, at a different forum, to leave no stone unturned to apprehend the dangerous men. The police have been working hard, and with the help of citizens, will succeed.

Though the editorial praised Mr Persaud's neighbours for engaging the men in a gun battle, it failed to observe that the police have stringent rules and regulations for such engagements. They must take into account the general surrounding as well as the safety of other citizens within a particular environment. They are committed to this code, in spite of utterances to the contrary.

In the circumstances, we find the general tone and contents of your editorial unfair and unreasonable. We are aware that this is not your usual style of editorializing serious events, such as the one on hand, something must have gone wrong.

Our policemen and women need the cooperation of the media and the public. Many of them have families and other loved ones and yet they must put their lives at risk for the general good of all. On April 15, 2002, another policeman was gunned down, while on his way to work, on the east coast. Dead is Sergeant Harry Kooseram. He was shot twice in the chest, thrice in the abdomen and once in his side. He was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital where he died at 08:05 hours. This is why the Commissioner of Police continues to call upon the public for support and cooperation in effort to ensure law and order. Every law abiding citizen must assist the police in its general operation to protect our society.

Yours faithfully,

Royston King


Public Relations Officer

Police Headquarters

Editor's note

There has been little evidence so far of any progress in capturing the bandits.