Target Special Squad should be disbanded
Stabroek News
April 13, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Even before Leon Fraser was buried the infamous 'Black Clothes' had shot and killed another young black male.

How many more people have to be shot and killed by this squad or how many more of their own number have to be killed before this plague on our land is removed and this squad disbanded?

I do not recall in any one instance when they killed a wanted man or men, that there was at the time of death an arrest warrant out for any of them, not even a wanted notice published in any of our local press.

Take this case of the last killing at Buxton where it is being alleged that the dead man's fingerprint was found on the car at Yarrowkabra. This absurdity comes after the police themselves had published that they had lifted a print from the said car but their findings were "inconclusive."

To add insult to injury we now have Mr Gajraj showering encomiums on Fraser when the vast majority of the citizens of this country who are law abiding, as against the minuscule minority of those violent criminals think that Fraser was a psychotic murderer, especially the loved ones of those gunned down by these policemen.

How can law enforcement officers justify breaking the law to enforce the law.

As a first step, Mr Gajraj, this unit referred to by one of my friends as the "goon squad" should be interdicted from duty without pay immediately. Simultaneously an urgent request should be sent out to Scotland Yard for a team of investigators to investigate all the killings which have been blamed on this unit. We know from past experience that investigation by our police of their own always lead to a dead end (no pun intended).

Yours faithfully,

R. Joseph Eleazar