Let's discuss tourism not ego trips
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April 12, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The level of Mr. Mair's shallow and thin-skinned reply captioned "The tourist market" [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] (10.4.2002) disappoints. On the one hand he welcomes me to his discussion on Guyana tourism, then finds contradiction 'hard to bear' from anyone with a 'hardly unblemished' track record. He escapes any discussion of his errors by looking forward to more 'reasoned contributions.' What does Mr. Mair really want, discussion on tourism or my track record? If tourism, first address all points made in my last letter.

If my track record is of consequence, first get real Mr. Mair. I lapped you even in 'Guytelly,' with natural ability and class, six or more years before you appeared. Contact Mr. Ron Robinson for comments, evaluation and examples from his archives of my innovative and fresh TV advertisements and productions. My production 'Guyana's Magnificent Interior' was shown repeatedly for months by stations, and is pirated to this day (most recently Channel 11) for use in programming and advertising. Your main effort 'Big Question' displayed superior, though awkward use of technical expertise. But stiff and boring content condemned it to failure and oblivion. You need to learn to get on up and try again. Then we can discuss my Hotel Tower track record, which you will find full of amazing surprises, most to my full credit.

So pip pip old boy, but monkey must first know which tree to climb.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Humphrey