All police forces have special units
Stabroek News
April 12, 2002

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Dear Editor,

In police forces worldwide there exist several units to deal with the different levels of crime. Since the Burnham era there existed the unit now referred to as the "black clothes." From the 80's to the present day the unit's operational head has been police officers who attained entrance to the Officer Corps via the Guyana Defence Force Standard Officers' Course.

At one time this unit which fell under the Administration of the Crime Chief (I am unaware if it still does) and carried out its duties in a much more professional manner.

Just two fast points on Superintendent L. Fraser's death and the death of Mr Shaka Blair, ex-soldier.

(1) Mr Fraser's death: - (a) Whilst going to confront five hardened criminals, at least ten hardened policemen should be sent and in this case it was indicated that the number of criminals had increased. Why were only nine policemen dispatched to the scene?

Winning the fire-fight is important. (b) What was the tactical mistake made by this late, brave G.D.F. trained officer, because others in the force would not want to repeat it.

(2) Mr. Shaka Blair's death: (a) This so called wanted man was roaming the streets quite freely (no bulletin). (b) He applied for a house lot not even a month ago. (c) While persons were kicking down his door why call for help from the police at Vigilance instead of blasting the hell out of them with the firearm he allegedly had? (d) When would persons stop attacking the feared black clothes police?

Is it another "I don't know Commissioner"?

Yours faithfully,

E. Martin