Is the PPP/C ready for genuine reconciliation?
Stabroek News
April 11, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I believe Mr. Raphael Trotman when he said, "reconciliation cannot be genuine, conscientious or long lasting unless there was an acceptance and recognition by both sides or all the parties involved . . ." (SN April 7, 2002). Mr. Trotman is reasonably expected to know however that the PPP/C directed propaganda demands that the PNC/R apologize for what they describe as 28 years of autocratic rule and rigged elections. These were the sentiments to which Mr. Alvin Jones (SN March 31, 2002) interpreted Mr. Trotman as referring when he wrote supporting Trotman as the new PNC/R Leader.

So if Mr. Steve Zulfikar misunderstood what Mr. Trotman said, then Mr. Alvin Jones also did so when he expressed support for Trotman's candidacy. Yet Mr. Trotman did not seek to distance himself from Mr. Jones's condemnation of many senior leaders of the PNC/R or his interpretation of what he Trotman said. However when Mr. Steve Zulfikar looked at this issue from another angle, Mr. Trotman seeks to label Mr. Zulfikar as a "ghost" and proclaim himself as the "righteous".

We are all intelligent people and clearly understand the difference between reconciliation and apology. In fact Mr. Trotman went on to say, " . . . that they had done things to each other which in retrospect were perhaps unnecessary and even excessive, and which did not inure to the overall benefit of the nation". Well, if this is not a call for the PNC/R to apologize on the demands and terms of the PPP/C, then I don't know what it is. Also since Mr. Trotman cannot claim to speak for the PPP/C, we are left without knowing what they will apologize for.

As such Mr. Trotman with his so-called "reconciliation theory", should not be made out either by himself or others as someone with a "New Agenda" within the PNC/R. The PNC/R throughout its existence, and particularly under Hugh Desmond Hoyte's Presidency, made every effort to involve all Guyanese in the affairs of the nation - remember the name "Desmond Persaud". In opposition Mr. Hoyte continued this policy, for example, the PNC/R candidates for the Elections during this period reflected the composition of the nation.

Against the advice and support of many within his membership, Mr. Hoyte signed more that one accord with the PPP/C to end post-elections protests. Mr. Hoyte also commenced inter-party dialogue between himself and President Jagdeo. Even at this moment Mr. Hoyte has had cause to unilaterally suspend the dialogue because the PPP/C Government continually use every available opportunity to not implement the agreements reached. Mr. Hoyte is at present under pressure to abandon the dialogue altogether. It would be instructive to know where Mr. Trotman stands on these issues?

It must therefore be clear that PNC/R has always behaved in a responsible manner and would continue to . The real problem is that the PPP/C has refused to acknowledge and accept that the PNC/R speaks for almost half of the electorate based on the election results. A real problem is that the PPP/C Government continues to discriminate against most Afro-Guyanese and all Indo-Guyanese who dare to support the PNC/R. Another real problem is that the PPP/C Government is unapologetically dismissing appointed public servants without recourse to proper procedures.

Yours faithfully,

Sherlock Jackman