Trotman is well respected in the party
Stabroek News
April 11, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter by Naomi Hopkinson captioned "PNC needs an experienced leader" (28.3.2002).

The author strayed from objectivity in the selection/election of Mr. Hoyte's successor for these reasons.

(i) Mr. Deryck Bernard is an academic of outstanding quality, but is not known or regarded as one with substantial political influence inside nor outside the PNC/R.

(ii) Mr. Ivor Allen is known to be a very able and successful businessman and rice farmer and has also proven to be a capable party chairman in his region. However, being a person of integrity he himself would not want to bite off more than he could chew.

(iii) Mr. Vincent Alexander, the present Vice-Chairman of the party, is known to be a decent, intelligent, committed and loyal party person like so many others. Although this gentleman faithfully served the party at many levels, unfortunately he does not enjoy the loyalty within the party's structure the author seemingly conveyed. I suggest that Mr. Trotman commands more loyalty and respect than Mr. Alexander and other senior party functionaries. Mr. Alexander's outstanding academic achievements, coupled with long service will not generate the necessary national support to see the PNC into government nor rescue the nation.

(iv) With regard to Mr. Corbin, his claim to leadership is long service but his record is questionable.

(v) In respect of the author's opinion of Mr. Trotman, it is clear that there is no substantive nor objective reason why this man of unblemished character should not ascend to the leadership of the PNC/R. The party stands a better chance of maintaining the restored honour and dignity Mr. Hoyte worked so diligently in establishing over the years.

Mr. Trotman is the only candidate the PNC/R could present to the populace, which gives the party any chance of achieving government in a democratic and peaceful manner.

Yours faithfully,

O' Brian Fraser