Guyana needs a leader with a vision
Stabroek News
April 11, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I've been following the debates on Mr Raphael Trotman's candidacy for the PNC/R leadership and would like to say that as much as I don't know him personally, not only does he have the support of many at home, but also those overseas.

His political experience may not be seasoned like that of Vincent

Alexander, Robert Corbin, Deryck Bernard and Ivor Allen, but he is brillant, has charisma, is down to earth, no-nonsense and will go down well with the Indian electorate. He may have no proven track record on the political race track as some are wont to say, however, I think and many will agree with me, that track records are made by people who rise from the determination they set as their goals and that of their country, accompanied by grit and vision, and who not only outrun, but outpace the old records. An old broom may sweep clean, but isn't a new one so much the better, especially when the old broom keeps sweeping the same corners and the place is still not clean?

As Mr Trotman himself aptly put it "a nation without vision perishes" and this is true. Guyana needs a leader with a vision, a leader who shares a common goals with his followers, a leader that has followers and can lead them because they share the same vision. A vision of seeing Guyana rise so that her children can sing with happy tears.

If the PNC/R is serious about the future, then Mr Trotman is the

people's choice for the 21st century.

Yours faithfully,

Marcia Shury