Sixhead needs better management
Stabroek News
April 10, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Last Saturday Andrew "Sixhead" Lewis defended his world title without success in the United States. His loss resulted from unprofessional management. There are a few unanswered questions that were not addressed by the media or in the interview with Stabroek News.

1. In the post fight interview Don King mentioned that he took Lewis out of poverty and landed him in the United States, from the interview I understand that Lewis was not brought here by Don King.

2.In his Championship fight his purse was over US$250,000.00. What was it to defend the title?

3.There was a language barrier between him and his corner men, who were primarily Spanish, even the referee who spoke English.

The Guyanese in the United States and Guyana who support Andrew Lewis should make a concerted effort to have the right people to manage and negotiate for him in his quest for another title.

Yours faithfully,

Rawle Johnson

Editor's note:

Sixhead Lewis earned over US$300,000 in each of his title defenses, the highest fees ever earned by a Guyanese boxer. His cornermen speak fluent English and have been in the USA for some time. Andrew Lewis speaks very quickly and that is why subtitles are sometimes used on American television.