Superintendent Fraser's vigilance helped to keep us safe
Stabroek News
April 9, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I wish to extend my heartfelt sympathy and offers of prayers to the wife, children, parent, brothers and sisters, other relatives, and the Guyana Police Force, for the sad demise of the late Superintendent of Police, Leon Mark Fraser.

It is a loss to any nation when sons and daughters who have committed themselves to the service of their fellow brothers and sisters, leave us at times most consider inopportune and without justification. The ways of the Being that created us all are not for us to question or to condemn.

Leon Fraser distinguished himself as a citizen and as one who, in his chosen ways, sought to contribute to service for the nation. It is apposite to note that Leon was a qualified agriculturist, and spent some years of his life in this occupation. He actually joined the Guyana Police Force as a constable, a distinct relegation to the position he held at Guysuco. Clearly, Leon must have felt that his contribution to fighting crime was indeed his true calling.

There is no doubt that Leon Fraser developed into an institution that stood between career criminals and the general citizenry. He would of course in the line of his duties have made decisions that were questionable. But I am convinced that his intentions were noble and focused on that objective that he set himself.

It may do well for citizens to reflect that by his fearless efforts and dedication to crime fighting, many of us were spared the terrorism and trauma that some other unfortunate persons suffered at the hands of dangerous criminals. While we slept his family had to make sacrifices of not being able to share many lunches, dinners, games, family conversations, security and comfort of companionship. Leon was providing this to thousands of other families by his policing duties.

It makes one cringe in fear and disgust to hear that supposedly responsible persons in this society allow and encourage others to revile the name of Leon Fraser. I am deeply concerned that I will live and die in this country with such persons as fellow citizens. To hear a television host and aspiring political leader engage in such depravity and vulgar character assassination is nauseating.

What are the messages sent to the dangerous criminals in this society? Are we so sunken in depravity that we resort to gaining cheap support by extolling the virtues of society's social degenerates?

Have we no sensitivity left for the feelings of others who can be permanently hurt and emotionally traumatized by our own misguided agendas?

Leon Fraser will be a hero to many. He will be a role model for a lot of persons to follow. His passion for his job, his zeal for successes, and his intolerance for crime, will not go un-rewarded.

Yours faithfully,

Rudolph D. Mahadeo