1973 - 1985 elections don't show racial voting
Stabroek News
April 9, 2002

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Dear Editor,

There are wild accusations by some people, of the majority of Indians voting PPP/C and the majority of Africans voting PNC/R. But using the statistics of election results from the Burnham / Hoyte era, this is totally incorrect.

These statistics had shown us that the PNC clearly won the 1968, 73, 80 and 85 elections as well as the 1980 referendum. During this time, the Indian population was greater than the African population, therefore the theory of racial voting cannot hold water as there were "landslide" victories for the PNC.

Winning five elections and one referendum out of nine tries is not bad (1964 was a coalition of the PNC and UF). This should be an achievement to be proud of. Why be sore when a few elections are lost?

Yours faithfully,

Mubarak Kazan