Proud of our athletes in the Bahamas
Stabroek News
April 9, 2002

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Dear Editor,

First of all let me congratulate those three Guyanese athletes and their coach who participated in the just concluded Junior Carifta Track and Field Championships in the Bahamas for a job well done. I want them to know that they have made all Guyanese working in the Bahamas very proud. Our delegation was small but they represented Guyana with pride and dignity.

Personally I had to fly to Nassau to be a part of this historic occasion and I did not regret it The very first thing I did when I got there was to find the Guyana camp. Speaking to the athletes made me feel at home They all looked relaxed and focused. To see the Guyana flag being displayed for all to see during the presentation filled my heart with pride. I congratulate Mr. Black not only for the help he is giving to Ford but for his contribution to Track and Field in Guyana on the whole. If Guyana had more like him sports there would have been far better. Keep up the good work.

However there were two things that bothered me. The first one was the presentation of our athletes. Presentation is a form of identification and professionalism. It was pathetic to see Forde and Austin running in colours that no one could have recognised. I am quite sure we can do better than that. You could recognise all the other countries by the colour they wore. Is Guyana different? I do not know if Guyanese at home heard the T V interview given by Forde, it would have been nice for them to hear it. It was an embarrassment to the Government of Guyana and Guyanese at large to hear him say "nothing is being done to help the athletes in Guyana". At least he was very truthful.

My second concern was the treatment that was given to our heroes when they returned. I felt sick when I read of the treatment they got when they landed at the airport. I do not know who is to be blamed for this shabby treatment because there are always excuses and finger pointing but what I know for sure is that Guyana is in a sad state. Our young need to be looked after properly. Those who are fortunate to travel see how other countries treat their youths. Lots of Guyanese who are living abroad are willing to help in one way or another as long as things are properly organised. In this modern age Guyana is still without a stadium, not even an all weather track. At least each county along with Linden should have a modern track with good training facilities. Is that too much for our young people. The money that was marked for the so-called Youth Initiative Programme that President Jagdeo had spoken so highly about could have been directed to such a venture. I was made to understand that Jamaica has a Sports Lotto. Where is the money of our lotto going?

Yours faithfully,

Lyndon Scott