Negative forces acted against Frank Serpico
Stabroek News
April 7, 2002

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Dear Editor,

While the search goes on for the killers of Superintendent Fraser, there are more questions than answers that meet the eye.

This brings back memories of dark periods when there was no information of assassinations in years gone by- Father Darke, Dr. Walter Rodney, Vincent Teekah, and the scandal of Jonestown and seized ballot boxes during general elections.

In any society, the honest policeman is the fall guy for sinister forces with ulterior motives. In the early 70's a New York officer by the name of Frank Serpico suffered greatly when negative forces decided to act against him. He was outmanned, outgunned and left to fend on his own.

A lot of us have suffered at the hands of bandits for generations. But the situation becomes dangerous as the criminal network seems supported by sections of society.

The criminals appear to have their own inside informants regarding police capabilities and strategies. It wouldn't be too surprising that "spotters" revealed the progress of Commander Fraser's group as they approached the kill zone.

Commander Fraser's bravery is second to none, and he would walk point rather than place his men in danger. How much more exemplary leadership can we expect of another human being?

I hope that the authorities will look after the safety and welfare of his family. And for the sinister forces at work, we in the free world are not as gullible as in decades gone by.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Young