Gopaul's contention about dismissal of public servants should have been investigated
Stabroek News
April 7, 2002

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Dear Editor,

In reference to an editor's note to a letter written by Ms Chandrawattie Persaud, Research/Education Officer of the Guyana Public Service Union captioned "Public servants dismissed but not by the Public Service Commission" (5.4.2002) the failure of Stabroek News to fully investigate Mr Gopaul's assertions confirms the views of right thinking members of society of the support role of Stabroek News in condoning executive lawlessness.

Was it not the same media house through its spokesperson on public television that sought to justify the assault of C.N. Sharma? In doing so Stabroek News revealed its true colours and this confirms the need for an independent press which is not in search of advertising revenue nor favours.

Guyana Public Service Union has noted that in regard to publication of letters there seems to be double standards. There was no justification for truncating a letter sent by Chandrawattie Persaud, Research & Education Officer of Guyana Public Service Union, and publishing only half of it when others enjoy unlimited space for publication.

Yours faithfully,

Patricia Went

Principal Industrial Relations Officer,

Guyana Public Service Union.

Editor's note:

We sought the response of Mr Gopaul, the head of the public service, on the dismissals referred to in the letter and reprinted what he said. That is standard procedure. We took no position on the matter. If the GPSU contend that the alleged delegation of authority by the Public Service Commission to permanent secretaries and others to discipline public servants referred to by Mr Gopaul does not apply we shall be happy to publish their further letter on this.

No one in Stabroek News sought publicly or privately to justify the assault on Mr C.N. Sharma. We have always protested strongly against violence against journalists from whatever source. We have published a large number of letters from the GPSU. A particular letter was edited for a clearly defined reason.