Trotman is not mature enough for leadership
Stabroek News
April 5, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am amused by the hypocritical mouthings of some PPP/C propagandists who for some time have been using your letter columns in an attempt to give advice to the membership of the PNC/R as to who it should elect as its new leader.

These faceless and righteous persons have no moral authority to enter the debate regarding the election of a new leader for the PNC/R. The debate is for the membership of the PNC/R.

These apologists who represent the interest of the PPP/C have suggested in their writings that if Mr Trotman were elected leader of the PNC/R the Indian support would be automatic for the PNC/R. What a joke! The membership of the PNC is more intelligent than these writers give it credit for, so it will not be fooled by them.

If Mr Trotman has any intention to canvass support for the leadership of the PNC/R he should at this juncture withdraw because he is not politically mature enough to occupy such an important office.

The political immaturity alluded to, was manifest when Mr Trotman took it upon himself to respond to a "camoodie" thrown on the table by the PPP/C in which it demanded that the PNC/R should apologise for the perceived wrongs it had committed against the nation. Mr Trotman in his personal capacity responded that he feels the PNC/R should apologise.

I would certainly like to know what it is that the PNC/R had done to this nation, which warrants an apology. The PPP/C should be the one to apologise to this nation for the many wrongs it has barefacedly committed against the people of this country for example, the Law Volumes Contract, Cane Grove Breach and the list goes on.

It is my honest view that Mr Trotman's utterance was unfortunate and should not be taken as a response for and on behalf of the PNC/R. The apologists of the PPP/C had and continue to have a field day in which they have and continue to suggest that because Mr Trotman responded favourably he should now be elected leader of the PNC/R. Can anyone in his good sense imagine Mr Trotman as leader of the PNC/R dancing to the tune of the PPP/C? When such a situation occurs it will certainly signal the death of the PNC/R.

Politics is for politicians and not for amateurs. The membership of the PNC/R has already decided that it will elect Mr Deryck Bernard to succeed its illustrious leader Mr Desmond Hoyte SC,MP.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Zulfikar