Six Head Lewis may need some good advice
Stabroek News
April 5, 2002

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Dear Sports Editor,

I was not impressed with the way Andrew "Six Head" Lewis defended his title in his three title defences. Personally, I think Lewis has quite a few technical flaws that need to be ironed out. After his "suspect chin" was exposed against Larry Marks, Lewis' team should have ensured that he used his speed not only to pump quick jabs but also to avoid being hit. About his guard? He should have protected his weak chin by holding his guard higher. The list goes on and on.

However, Six Head's loss is all in the past and what bothers me mostly is his future. This is the point in Lewis' career where he needs the most support and guidance. It is at this time we as Guyanese need to show that we want to preserve the image of our first world champion. We should be concerned about Six Head's welfare now more than ever. For so many times we have seen boxers who have lost their titles move from the fame of the ring to habits that lead them to poverty and self destruction. Lewis may not be all that depressed now but, "What if he loses his next fight?" or the fight after that. Climbing back up to the top can be harder than he expects. He will have to beat at least one recognised world rated fighter before his ranking is high enough to be considered for another title fight. On his way up, he could be faced with boxers like Mayorga, who just have a style he can't handle. This is the reality of the boxing world.

There is even the Don King issue. With a man as powerful as King against Six Head it will make it even tougher to get back another world title. Perhaps Lewis could have a hard time dealing with the opposition he may meet from King. The road will be definitely long and hard.

I wish to suggest that our Minister of Sport along with a committee which should include Mr. Odinga Lumumba meet with the former champion and discuss how they could best help the former champion to survive the after effects of this loss or any other obstacle that will arise against him in the future. He will probably need to sit with a psycologist from time to time, he will need advice on how to manage his finances, he may need Mr. Lumumba to use his asociation with Don King to try and settle differences between himself and King. He may also need some advice on what he should say when interviewed on certain issues.

The main point I'm trying to make is that Andrew Lewis is our first world boxing champion and we should ensure that for the rest of his life he is a role model, a financial success and a living legend. I want to be able to drive past a posh house with probably a monument in front of it and say to visitors, "There is where our first world boxing champ lives".

Yours faithfully,

Devon Retemyer