Don King's remarks should be condemned
Stabroek News
April 5, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The only time I would lose sleep to watch boxing these days is if Roy Jones is on show or one of my fellow Guyanese. On Saturday the 30th March it was the Guyanese champion Andrew 'Six heads" Lewis.

"Six Heads" looked a bit out of sorts to me and as I viewed the fight I was hoping against hope that he would do something spectacular so that he could end the night as the winner and still the Welter weight champion of the world. This, of course, was not to be, "Six Heads" became the victim of the other fighter's plan and he fell prey to a combination of punches. The referee was right to stop the bout since "Six Heads" response was not a positive one, his head seem to be clouded and he did not utter one word.

But my sleeplessness did not come because we lost the championship belt, it was the statement of Don King that riled me. I wonder how can a man not know that such statements about a fighter he once promoted is not the ethical thing to do. He said, and I quote, "this man come from abject poverty". In the same breath he praised Mayorga for being a Godsend. His annoyance, it would appear to me, came about because Lewis is no longer a fighter from his camp. Don King talked about people not remembering where they come from, of course referring to Lewis' background.

I have no problem with our champion being beaten for there will always be a better fighter out there and one cannot win every fight, the greatest of them all are beaten, my problem is Don King.

It is my view that our local media and our media representatives abroad should not allow Mr King to get away with such derogatory statements. The voice of every Guyanese must be heard on this matter.

Guyanese must not sit idly by and allow our heroes to be insulted, our pride to be dented and our country tainted, be it Don King or whosoever. It must be known that we are a people with pride and dignity for our people and our country.

Guyana lost the championship belt but that is not the end of the world, with dedication he can bounce back to be champion again and of course there is Vivian Harris who I am sure will some day bring home the bacon and make us proud.

Yours faithfully,

Pastor Ivan John