Persons charged are constitutionally entitled to trial within a reasonable time
Stabroek News
March 27, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter captioned "Noel awaiting retrial". I also observed an editor's note saying that Mr Erskine confirmed Mr Noel was incarcerated since January 1997 and was committed to stand trial on February 20, 1998. His trial ended on September 26, 2000. Are we to understand his trial took two years and seven months to conclude?

Now he's waiting 1-1/2 years for retrial. Whose fault? The case having been heard in the June session of 2000, Christopher Noel should have been retried on the next session, October, as ordered by the presiding judge. The DPP in my opinion is guilty of suppressing Noel's right to a trial within a reasonable time as guaranteed by article 144 of the constitution.

In view of this breach I call on the Honourable DPP Mr Hanomansingh to have the charge of murder withdrawn forthwith. Failing this, Christopher Noel's lawyers should file without delay a constitutional motion for his release.

Yours faithfully,

Allan Gibbs