A new dimension in PNC politics
Stabroek News
March 26, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The PNC will be experiencing a new dimension in their party politics come August when they assemble to elect or select a leader of the party.

From the birth of the party to this day it was a custom that the leader of the party, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, selected his successor, the now Leader Hugh Desmond Hoyte. Was he alive today I doubt anyone around would have the gall to challenge him.

If and when selection takes place, their elder statesman Dr. P. Reid, will be part of the selection duo. He is still an influential person in party affairs though losing his vibrancy. According to Mr Hoyte he foresees a seamless transition to his successor, which suggests that the party's trend is paramount.

It is learnt that campaigning is afoot and aspirants are scouring the groups mobilising support. Only two names were mentioned as persons vying for leadership of the party, Vincent Alexander, the Vice-Chairman of the party and member of the Central Executive and Raphael Trotman, a flamboyant attorney-at-law with an impeccable character. The latter has won the hearts of many, including those in opposition.

Although Raphael was shepherded into the political arena recently, he has matured politically and has become so popular that his name has become a household name, in every nook and cranny of Guyana.

If the leader of the PNC wishes a continuation of dialogue and a truly reformed PNC/R he has no choice but to select Raphael Trotman as his successor. He is young and charismatic and would be a fine and worthy example to the youths who at this point of time are leaderless and need guidance.

The party and country need leaders who can withstand meaningful criticism and are capable of leading a transition through a plurality with open arms to other political parties.

For Raphael Trotman defeating the party stalwarts would be like trying to land on the moon. The challenges ahead as leader may be like getting to Mars.

Raphael has the tools to ensure his success as a leader and if utilised can be the road to one people, one nation, and one destiny.

Yours faithfully,

Umar Saied