Drivers could be sentenced to attend driving school for minor offences
Stabroek News
March 22, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The traffic situation has reached alarming proportions, the accident fatalities have increased almost beyond comprehension, and the traffic cops from my observation are doing all they can to stem the tide of lawlessness on our roads. Mothers in Black have been sending the message that our roads need to be safer.

It would appear to me that the mini bus operators are the main target of attack but believe it or leave it there are others more dangerous and a greater threat to life and limb. I do agree that a lot of the mini bus operators continue in a don't care a damn attitude and so all attention is focused on them, but to tell the truth sand truck drivers with their tray load of sand scantily covered and the sand escaping from under those covers creates havoc for motor cyclists, cyclists and pedestrians, the sudden and loud tooting of horns when these vehicles are only a few inches behind is danger enough to break the concentration of other road users.

Private and hire cars, 4x4s and horse drawn carts are among the greatest offenders. Suddenly and without indication they pull up in front of another vehicle and stop, sometimes creating a moment of panic that has caused serious collisions.

All road users need to come alive to the five Cs and use the road as though there are other users, have consideration for their own life and the lives of others.

Maybe the laws can be changed to come in line with that of California. Whenever a driver or a motor vehicle operator runs foul of the law, especially in minor offences, that operator is given the opportunity to attend traffic school in place of a fine or conviction and of course he or she has to pay the cost for schooling.

In addition to this we can be creative ourselves and institute systems where operators of all kinds of vehicles must do refresher courses every five years, especially those who have been offenders time and again.

To all road users let us work together to bring an end to the carnage on our roads.

Yours faithfully,

Pastor Ivan John