Let us look at the other routes Mr Gaul can use
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March 21, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The last time there was "nuff" talk about Bee wee I suggested the Guyanese take some other connections (SN Dec 25, 2001).

Please allow me to repeat some of these connections so Mr Huborn David Gaul who is booked to travel in a few days can make these connections. After all this self imposed BWIA monopoly does not treat Guyanese right, the other international carriers dump Guyanese in Barbados or Trinidad and Tobago.

The Guyana sector is such great business and the Guyanese are so great a people that Pan Am, KLM, Cruzeiro do Sul, Ascerca, Aeropostale, Carib Express, Air France, British Airways, Air Canada, Varig, Arrow, Leisure, Tropical, Guy America, and others all came and left and some like GAC and GA 2000 just left us. Bwee remained.

The country is such a great opportunity that Air Canada, American Airlines come down to Trinidad and Tobago and go right back up. Even artistes and preachers do that. Kenny Rogers, Aretha Franklin and Creflo Dollar came down to Trinidad and Tobago and turned around. Shaggy intended to do that too but a political

heavyweight pitched in and the plans were changed. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and US Airways come to Barbados and turn around, the place some Guyanese would like to believe is the bad boy of the Caribbean . Take a look at yourself Guyana. Why these other airlines do not come here?

So let us look at the other routes Mr Gaul can use. Instead of BWIA to London through to Sweden (where Mr. Gaul cooks and does not protest) he can fly Trans Guyana to Lethem (get hijacked to Brazil) then make connections out of Boa Vista or Manaus with onward connections days later. If not try Meta.

Now David, you can go west with Ascerca (is that still flying to Puerto Ordaz). Now if that has stopped flying - try Roraima to Mabaruma (take possession of the plane after dumping the pilots - just do not be too disruptive about it) then proceed to Caracas or Cartagena (do not stop in Medellin) to the rest of south, central, or North America or Europe.

Or Young Gaul - try going East good man to Suriname and French Guiana, you can make a connection on the once weekly service to Cayenne with onward connections to Paris, Martinique, Guadeloupe or just stop short in Paramaribo and go off to Amsterdam. Do remember do not use a domestic flight with the press, one lovestruck reporter may just strike out at the pilot and there being no crew on board the passengers will have to tackle the reporter who will not be disruptive but will just strike out.

If all of that does not suit your fancy, go North on Caribbean Star, Liat, Universal or North American making connections through the dreaded Barbados, if the authorities there treat you right or through New York if those people in Kingston do not send a forward message to ask the feds to check your Fez and shoes - you can protest that too.

Now if all of that fails do remember to call 1800 - Jet - BWIA toll free.

Yours faithfully,

Joel Drakes