Hoyte should back Trotman as a consensus candidate
Stabroek News
March 20, 2002

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Dear Editor,

In times gone by everyone, especially his detractors, has been asking for Mr. Hoyte to resign after losing the elections.

Mr. Hoyte must go and he knows this (I do hope he remains active to give advice and guidance to his successor). However, the PPP/C is insensitive to Mr. Hoyte's concerns and his efforts. He has singlehandedly saved this country from a civil war that would be detrimental to all races in Guyana and continues to do so.

In my opinion, there are two front runners for the leadership position after Mr. Hoyte resigns before his next birthday. These are Mr. Robert Corbin, a political stalwart who can effectively deal with the PPP/C and Mr. Raphael Trotman, a young, bright, articulate, respected and capable individual who will pursue the same strategy of Mr. Hoyte but I dare say with a bit more urgency.

The fact remains that the PNC/R cannot return to office without significant Indian votes (given the existing information available). If the party is to be successful and to return to office he must use his influence and support the candidature of Mr. Raphael Trotman in the succession planning strategy. The young man must come to the PNC/R leadership election as the consensus candidate so that the way can be paved for new leadership and new politics.

Of course, Mr. Hoyte must deal with this issue sooner than later so as to give the new leader time to re-image the party beyond the politics known to Guyanese currently. In addition, the leadership of the party can use all the time it can get before the next elections to consolidate its support and expand its base.

This does not mean that Mr. Corbin cannot be useful to the party for his experience and advice to the new leadership will be invaluable. He must, like Moses Nagamootoo, 'bow out' to ensure party unity and to give the party a chance to win the next elections.

Everyone knows that Mr. Trotman is an independent thinker and cannot be manipulated like Mr. Jagdeo. So there is no issue of a pleasing young face without an independent will. Mr. Trotman entered politics during the era of fundamental democratic changes so there is no training in the politics of the 1960s.

Over to you Mr. Hoyte, Guyana cries out for your wisdom.

Yours faithfully,

Alvin Jones