We are happy with a bellicose president
Stabroek News
March 14, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I would like to thank all of the Guyanese who wish to dictate to the United States how we should conduct our affairs, especially the unsolicited advice which is being offered to President Bush in our War against Terrorism. Individuals such as Mr. Justin DeFreitas must certainly be shocked at seeing a leader that can actually lead.

In the United States, such individuals are not an anomaly. Perhaps Sir, you would do well to admonish your Dear Great Comrade Jagdeo as to how to be a leader.

I wonder what would be the state of this Union had we been unfortunate enough to be governed by a President in the mold of Jagdeo. On second thought, I think I can answer that. After the first Tower had collapsed, we would have promptly offered our unconditional surrender to bin Laden, but not after having pleaded with him to "play by the rules" and to "engage us in dialogue."

So you see, we of Guyanese birth in the United States really are quite happy as is the rest of the American population with a decisive and "bellicose" President. Perhaps the Little Boy in State House can sit by CNN now and again and take a few notes. Hey, you never know, the First Kid might surprise us and learn something of governance. Then again, the PPP/Canecutters may send him back to a "re-education" camp whereby he may once again be indoctrinated in the virtues of "Glorious Struggle."

Regarding Mr. DeFreitas's contention that our recent Election saw President Bush emerge victorious amidst "chaos and uncertainty", I cannot recall any "slo fiah, mo fiah" declarations from the defeated candidate. All I seem to recall was a hearty and dignified congratulatory message from the loser to the winner. (I do understand this all seems very strange to Guyanese but it does happen in a civilized country)

Nor do I recall any violent outburst against the majority ethnic group that would have been unpunished by the law. As an American of Guyanese origins, I have grown to appreciate having a government that is not weak kneed.

Now let us all pray that someday Guyana too may benefit from a "bellicose" President.

Yours faithfully,

A. Farouk Rahaman

Cadet/Army ROTC

New York