An official statement should be issued
Stabroek News
March 13, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Well it did take a while for the matter of the First Lady to hit the press, though most Guyanese know in part what is going on behind the scenes.

I like President Jagdeo and from day one, I thought that he was the best choice for President. I have had the privilege of meeting him on two occasions and in his presence of quietly observing his mannerisms and interactions with the people around him. He is fully taken up with his office and is determined to be the best at it. I admire him for his approach, moreso as he has been very successful at his post.

That the First Lady is not around that often is no secret and that there are 'other' matters occupying their lives is also no secret. I live far away in Toronto and I know a lot of what is going on between the parties and the positions being adopted. As much as I admire the President, I truly believe that some official statement or declaration should be made so that all Guyanese be made aware of the official position of the First Lady. She is an integral part of Guyanese society and Guyanese have a right to know more of her position and functions.

Rumours and innuendo should be trashed through some sort of official statement or declaration. Even the Queen of England had to issue official statements and declarations when matters seemed to be going awry.

Yours faithfully,

Carl Veecock