West Indies have become the underdog
Stabroek News
March 13, 2002

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Dear Editor,

It is unbelievable but the West Indies team is now the whipping team for all test playing countries with the exception of Zimbabwe and newcomer Bangladesh.

The once fearful and unconquerable West Indies team, both in test cricket and one day matches, has become the underdog in the world of cricket. There are many factors that contribute to this decline.

Many of the West Indies players currently in the team are not up to test cricket standard in both the batting and bowling departments. Many of them would be unable to find themselves even in a Sheffield match in Australia first division cricket.

It is high time that the West Indies team takes stock of itself. There must be coaching camps both for batting and bowling. Coaches can be hired from overseas if possible.

If the West Indies team is to rebuild it must plan its first class tournaments properly. Whenever the West Indies team is not engage in overseas matches, regional cricket matches should be played so as to get test players to compete and make the cricket more competitive. Teams will be stronger and younger and aspiring players will miss with test players.

Yours faithfully,

Baldeo Persaud