The slogan can erode our values
Stabroek News
March 12, 2002

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Dear Editor,

There is a popular and familiar piece of advice aired and televised through the local and foreign media that says, "Be wise and condomize" and another, "Save a life, Use a Condom" and a plethora of slogans of similar strain. Sound like good advice indeed, but advice for whom? I will tell you. It is good advice for the married man who wishes to have an affair; the married woman who chooses to be unfaithful; the school girl afraid of becoming pregnant before completing her education; young men afraid of being forced into marriage prematurely and people who desire to have sex before marriage.

What emerges here is that the very values that gave man honour and dignity are strategically and cunningly being eroded and we are becoming a loose and promiscuous society. The message being propagated is that adultery is not a sin, fornication is proper, sex with multiple partners is acceptable; children can engage in sex unknown to their parents. In the eyes of man it is now "sinful" to have sex without a condom. Our people have become freelance sex machines and virginity is no longer regarded as being virtuous. This new concept 'condomize' has paved the way for prostitution to invade and pervade the lives of young girls and women in general and also, it has given our menfolk full rein to indulge at will.

Principles and ethics are not old fashioned; they are the fabric that mould a society of high standards and establish institutions that promote decency and proper behaviour. The wave of destruction sweeping across our land must be halted in its track. Let us erect barriers of resistance by placing boulders of respect, decency, honour, dignity, honesty, integrity, faithfulness, abstinence, obedience, patience, and other related structures so that we can once again live happy, healthy, and fearless lives upon this earth that God has placed us on and resist the systems and institutions engaged in promoting promiscuity and immoral behaviour.

Yours faithfully,

Winsley A Joseph