Broad based committee needed to examine police force
Stabroek News
February 28, 2002

Dear Editor,

The cries of the average citizen against police brutality; extra judicial killings; the appalling conditions of police lock ups; police corruption and lawlessness on our roads on the one hand and the cries of the members of the police force against low salaries, political interference, lack of proper training and resources and a hostile citizenry on the other hand have all been discussed and solutions offered at all levels of our society, ranging from the National Assembly to corner shops.

It is time for us as a nation to stop this seemingly endless rhetoric and get on with the job of improving our Guyana Police Force thereby enabling them to fulfil their motto of "Service and Protection".

I therefore propose that the President immediately establish a broad based committee to examine the functioning of the Guyana Police Force with such Committee being given a deadline of two to three months to present its findings and recommendations to the people of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Deborah Backer M.P

Attorney at Law