PNC/Reform must end division at Mash
Stabroek News
February 27, 2002

Dear Editor,

Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport under whose portfolio comes the organisation and promotion of Mashramani has expressed her disappointment over the expected decision of the PNC Reform to hold a separate flag raising ceremony at the Square of the Revolution and a separate road march for Mashramani.

She was disappointed, as were most of us, at the continuation of this divisive practice at this time of the year when all six races of Guyana should be coming together to celebrate our becoming a Republic and participate in the Mashramani float parades.

The PNC/Reform has been making much of the flag raising which takes place each year on the morning of the 23rd at Parliament Buildings.

Parliament has far more significance to our attaining Independence and becoming a Republic than either the National Park or the Square of the Revolution and we must rightly place the emphasis on Parliament.

The Reform component could have exercised some persuasion on their senior partner to reverse this decision.

It is time for the PNC/Reform to unite with the rest of us in celebrating together this important occasion. What a powerful message this would send throughout the country and abroad. This would really be putting Guyana first.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Persaud