Leadership must be demonstrated to the electorate
Stabroek News
February 24, 2002

Dear Editor,

Mr Edmond H Braith-waite and his protege Mr Eric Phillips must confront the truth and face reality, the letter from Lisa Rambarran [ please note: links provided by LOSP web site ] which seems to have caused some pain and evoked a response from Mr Braithwaite, to my mind simply sought to proffer sound advice on facing reality as regards political participation in Guyana. No doubt Eric Phillips fancies himself as a potential presidential candidate and inherent in the advice given by Lisa Rambarran is the fact that such lofty ambition cannot be achieved by a part- time aspiring politician, thus she suggests Eric Phillips should spend some considerable time at home to learn the peculiarities of the Guyanese electorate, simply good advice.

It is apposite to remark upon the manner in which Mr Braithwaite chose to differentiate between local Guyanese and overseas citizens of Guyana, implicitly imputing a higher intellect to those in the diaspora. Politicians cannot be over careful in remarking about potential voters. Facing reality, Mr Braithwaite, you may learn that in politics proven leadership has to be earned and demonstrated so that the electorate will be impressed.

We are also told that the overseas Guyanese are in a position and are willing to contribute meaningfully, a very laudable and welcome notion, however the question must be asked is it only in leadership roles that these "better equipped" Guyanese are prepared to contribute?

Some mention has been made of the Guyana 21 plan and I am forced to emphasise that this document, being referred to as a plan, will remain only as a good attempt at an essay, nothing more nothing less.

Yours faithfully,

David DeGroot