Children's Costume Parade was a smash hit
Stabroek News
February 21, 2002

Dear Editor,

I travelled from Linden on Saturday 16th with my children to view, for the first time, the Children's Costume Parade and it would be remiss for me not to say publicly how impressed I am with the astonishing display of talent and vivacity I witnessed. I heartily congratulate every group which participated, for I cannot recall seeing one that was not interesting as well as dazzling in its display. I salute the teachers and trainers who obviously worked diligently to coordinate the children, particularly the nursery segment. The themes were fascinating, the costumes stunning in their brilliance and the dancers manifested those themes in exciting and compelling display.

I wish particularly to commend the "Metro Youth Club" of Mackenzie, which to my observation was the lone participant from region 10, for seeing it fit to involve some of our youth in this important national event, and might I add, your costume did Linden proud. Well done!

Our children are our most precious resource, and I was delighted to see them participate so exuberantly and with innocent and unadulterated joy in our only national festival, which is often marred by the ugly, vulgar conduct of adults.

Yours faithfully,

Edith Cheong a Shack