Another tear
Stabroek News
February 18, 2002

Front page picture of an empty desk,
One more child has gone to rest.
Another Friday with Mothers In Black,
Three more killed on the old railway track.

Death has no politics, religion or race,
Only devastation on a victim's face.
Our precious children reckless drivers kill,
And our MPs will not pass the bill.

Children flying through the air,
Of course a seatbelt should be there!!
"We're building pavements for you to walk",
Years go by ... it's just

We hope for justice in court but no laws in place,
Just a "sorry dear", you lost your case.
How much longer must we endure the pain,
No justice, and never seeing our loved ones again?

I thought I could no longer cry,
Yet another tear drops from my eye

by Denise Dias -
Mother of Alicea Goveia (17)
Killed by alleged drunken driver - 23rd August, 1996