Contents of container in police custody missing
Stabroek News
February 17, 2002

Dear Editor,

For some days now I have been seeing reports [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] in the newspapers where one Mr Budhram's container full of motor spare parts, was seized by the police last month. The police returned the container a few days ago, but most of the contents of the container had been removed while the container was in police custody.This is an extremely serious matter and despite the newspaper publicity neither the Commissioner of Police, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the President nor the Leader of the Opposition have made any pronouncements on this invasion of the rights and property of an individual. After property disappears in police custody, persons may be next as happened in Argentina.I ask the authorities to say something on this matter and I also beg the media not to allow this serious matter to be ignored but to heep it before the public consciousness.

Yours faithfully,

Mithra Bhushan