The Yellow Pages Girl
Stabroek News
February 16, 2002

Dear Editor,

Oh dear! Who or what is "The Yellow Pages Girl"? (a special advertising feature - (l4.2.2002)).

Firstly, the photograph shows a woman, not a girl and why, oh why, in 2002 do we need a "girl" to sell the Yellow Pages? Being a woman, I would much rather ogle a handsome hunk, a "boy", anyway. Would the company oblige its potential "girl" clients?

Haven't we yet progressed beyond the point where sex and sex appeal and sexuality are used as cheap tricks to sell even the Yellow Pages?

And why, oh why, in 2002, do "girls" agree to pose with smiles and wistful looks for such advertising spiels?

No, I am not a jealous female. Ms Kerenza Stoll is pretty but so am I and I could make as good a pin up for GT&T's "girl". I am displeased because it is so unnecessary, so very, very unnecessary. I expect such cheap tricks from small businessmen who drape "girls" over car fenders to sell their products but I had, until now, thought better of GT&T, a company headed up, incidentally, by a female professional. A "girl"?

Yours faithfully,

Stacy Hawker