Corruption exists in several sectors
Stabroek News
February 13, 2002

Dear Editor,

It is generally acknowledged that there is much corruption in our society. Why should anyone countenance the idea that his or her profession or calling is above corruption.

The "whipping boys" for corruption are the police and the politicians. But we also read daily about corruption in the ministries and departments of ministries, such as the Forestry Commission, the Prison, the Deeds Registry, the Supreme Court Registry.

Then there are also the medical profession, private sector businessmen, the building industry and so on. Each group has its undesirables and these undesirables work with their counterparts in other groups. Hence no grouping is free from corruption. This is sad but true.

As individuals we have to strive for moral integrity, but while I am striving I should not fool myself that everyone else is doing likewise. Even if we all are, some of us are going to slip from time to time. This fact, however, is no excuse for the acceptance or toleration of low moral standards.

As a society we have to return to basics, God's moral law the Ten Commandments. We have to start by reintroducing God in our families and schools and the rest would follow.

Yours faithfully,

Albert Adams