Outlying hospitals not adequately manned and equipped
Stabroek News
February 12, 2002

Dear Editor,

For the last 5 years I have been writing letters to you mostly on health issues and I have been advocating for a more responsible health system. I have been calling on the Ministry of Health and the doctors to provide a better quality of service and recently I touched on the fact that the hospitals in the outlying regions are poorly equipped both manpower and equipment to offer any proper quality of health care to persons in those areas.

Well little did I know that this fact was to come to light in such a sad manner, and I'm talking about the case of our fallen boxing hero Andrew Murray. Andrew Murray walked into the hospital in Linden bruised and battered but yet with a fighting chance of surviving.In any other country in the world, x rays would have been done immediately to ascertain whether any bones were broken and if there was a chance of puncturing the lung or heart.

We don't see it fit to properly equip our hospitals and to pay our doctors enough in order to encourage them to work in the public hospital system. Less than five doctors work at the New Amsterdam hospital which by the way caters for all the people of Berbice , two doctors work at the Suddie hospital and that hospital caters for the entire Essequibo region. Our medical systen is in trouble.

Yours faithfully,

Bryan Mackintosh