Don't complain about Sharma, compete
Stabroek News
February 7, 2002

Dear Editor,

To those supporters of the PPP/C and others who felt satisfaction when Mr. C N Sharma was recently attacked or who are generally annoyed at and dissatisfied with the approach of Mr. C N Sharma, I issue you with a challenge: in the battle for public opinion in service to the public (CN is the clear winner in my books),

rather than committing unlawful, disgraceful acts of violence or issuing harsh condemnations of CN Sharma, beat him at his own game. In one word: compete. And do so with due regard for the laws of this nation.

If you are a supporter of the PPP/C, you already have an advantage: access to ministers in government who have responsibility to the nation. Encourage your own public relations groups and TV stations to be the first to carry the news items. Demand excellence and high quality. People respond to such things. Let the most qualified, the most effective and the best among you be seen. Mr. Sharma has undeniably made a huge impact with the working class people. Admit it and give the good works that you are doing as much publicity or more.

Select a more dynamic, more charismatic and more articulate individual than Mr. Sharma to showcase your charitable works and your accomplishments. Provide a more encouraging ear to the public. Attend to grievances and complaints, with honesty and humility. Treat every complaint and report with dignity and not doubt and disbelief and strive to solve every problem. Demonstrate more Caring than CN Sharma. Organise more Relief. Educate more people. Pressure your officials to be more proactive. Do more. Work harder. Innovate. Lead. Not for votes but for progress. Let every individual that you attend to depart with a greater sense of self esteem than they do when they leave CN Sharma. Can you do this?

JFAP aside, from the other opposition parties can we see (seeing is believing) a steady stream of some tangible positive effects of your concern for the poor of this nation?

Yours faithfully,

Sandra Khan