Inclusiveness is not a slogan
Stabroek News
February 4, 2002

Dear Editor,

I refer to an article in the Friday, January 11 Stabroek News under the caption "King's appointment shows inclusiveness." In a country of over 700,000 people, can the appointment of one politician be termed inclusive?

What about those engineers and other professionals who cannot find employment because of ethnic or political reasons?

Inclusiveness is not a slogan or an item in a political speech. For the development of any nation the collective skills and contribution of all are important. There is no room for the politics of race spite and nepotism. Every programme, project or other development activity should be administered in a transparent manner, not in a partisan way.

What has become an epidemic in Guyana is the reduction of academic and professional standards and performance for political expediency. The appointment of Dr King was due to desperation, impotence and academic and professional deficiency within the PPP administration.

Never in all of my fifty years have we experienced such a group of professional mavericks. In the light of national failings they continue to make speeches as if all is well, a full demonstration of the plebeian mentality.

Yours faithfully,

Neil Samaroo