Classes in creative writing
Stabroek News
February 2, 2002

Dear Editor,

Mr C.I. Smartt has suggested he would like to take lessons in creative writing from me. What a great idea! Watch the press for details of my "Creative Writing Class." His classmates will include Messrs. Ian McDonald, Ruel Johnson and Haslyn Parris.

I apologise to McDonald (AA) for my error on his national award. I never knew that he had provided such sterling service for his comrades during the PNC era that he had been rewarded with a national honour.

And why does Mrs Rhonda Allen think that a baby of mixed race is a "true Guyanese baby"? (SN 30 01 02) I and my wife and our two babies are Indians and are every bit as true Guyanese as everyone else here, including people of mixed races. It is nonsensical remarks such as Mrs Allen's that create confusion where there is none.

I think I will take two Advil (created, manufactured and marketed by white people) and go lie down until this particular nonsense passes. Mrs Allen is probably afraid that if our babies drink a cough syrup from a bottle with a picture of a white baby that they will all become neon pink! On that note, I must say how much I enjoyed last Wednesday's neon pink Ramblings especially the "catty" bits, of course.

Yours faithfully,

R. Sukraj