Minibus monopoly should be broken
Stabroek News
February 2, 2002

Dear Editor,

It was disheartening on Wednesday afternoon January 30 to see along the East Coast Demerara highway, scores of school children waiting hopefully and (hopelessly) for transportation to get home. I saw dozens of students walking several kilometers to go to their residences. (This could not happen during colonial times when the railway system was in operation). We continue playing all kinds of games on the minds of the young people and the populace as a whole.

The mini buses had taken strike action that day against certain police procedures, and the commuting passengers were made to suffer. At Annandale I saw a striking bus man strike a non striking bus man causing a collision between two buses. One driver said he was not protesting about music but against "the harsh fines". But perhaps the fines are meant to get people to comply with the traffic laws and regulations. Something should be done about the mini bus monopoly in public transportation. Otherwise they will continue holding us to ransom.

Yours faithfully,

Lennox Lancaster