Yesterday's man
Stabroek News
February 2, 2002

Dear Editor,

Aubrey Norton's ramblings against my leader, the honorable Desmond Hoyte, are those of a man embarrassed and angry. We are a new breed of talent and energy in the new PNC/R. Norton does not have the skills to be in my party. He is yesterday's man and he should refrain from attacking my leader.

It was the courage of Desmond Hoyte who boldly implemented new policies that began to lift Guyana up during his term of 1985 to 1992. Under Hoyte's presidency, Norton felt threatened, and rightly so, because Hoyte and our new breed of thinkers did not want unproductive people around us. However, if Norton wants to engage the subject of our party's leadership in public, then we are ready from all corners of the world where we are to engage him on the internet.

Our party is solidly behind Desmond Hoyte to continue to lead us, as he is the only politician on the scene today in any party, who is capable to lead all Guyanese to prosperity.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Zaakir

PNC/R - Canada