Mr Hoyte should ensure that the process for election of a new PNC leader at Congress is democratic and transparent
Stabroek News
February 2, 2002

Dear Editor,

I have been following the debate on the subject of a successor to Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte. I find it very interesting, at times amusing.

I do not wish to respond to any particular contributor, except to say that it was rather unfortunate that Mr. Desmond Hoyte was removed from office in 1992. Had he remained at the helm for another five years, our economy would have been much healthier. But 'the die was cast'. 'Time for a change' was the clarion call. Indeed there was change.

Nevertheless, we must move on. I am sure that Mr. Hoyte has worked out his own timetable for stepping down and would so announce when he considers it appropriate. The main focus should be on his successor. Recognising the need for a new political culture in the PNC/R, Mr. Hoyte has a very important role to play. He must first refrain from anointing any of the potential candidates and secondly, he must ensure that the process for election at Congress is democratic and transparent. Some 'people argue that it is unhealthy to discuss this topic in the media because it is regarded as internal party business. I disagree. How could the election of a potential President be considered an internal party business?

The new PNC/R leader must have a vision for the future of this nation. Of critical importance are credentials that will be accepted by all ethnic groups in this country. He/she must be willing and able to make a public commitment to work tirelessly to rid this nation of those evils that divide us, and to make paramount the rule of law. All the international, political and economic indicators are suggesting that race politics has outlived its usefulness. It is time we look each other straight in the eye and apologise for past indiscretions. Only then will we be able to move on in an environment free from suspicion and hate, to develop all our potentials, which we seem only able to talk about.

So Messrs. Trotman, Murray, Bernard, Alexander, Backer, Corbin and others, it's time to throw your hat in the ring', unveil your plans, your vision for the future. Don't shelter behind your leader. Remember, there are more votes in Region 6 than there are in Congress Place.

He has fought a good fight. It's your turn.

Yours faithfully,

Euclin Gomes (Mr)