Take a firm stand against this lawlessness
Stabroek News
February 2, 2002

Dear Editor,

There is a big noise against clamping controls on how minibuses operate. The minibus drivers simply do not want anybody to do anything about the big noise they make in their buses, so they are now making a big noise in the streets.

The drivers say that passengers cannot travel long distances without music in the bus. But we have not heard from the passengers themselves. In Trinidad even tape decks in buses are banned. I have travelled from Port of Spain to San Fernando by minibus and only the radio is played in the bus. The thinking in Trinidad is that the radio is used to educate commuters, not the madness played in some minibuses.

In Guyana, where wrong is rapidly becoming the norm, we are allowing a selfish and arrogant few to dictate the comfort of the majority and the moral and legal direction of this country.

The Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner of Police and his force should be supported fully to stamp out this noise nuisance. The judiciary should also be encouraged to impose the maximum penalty on offenders. Don't let Guyana be another Jamaica. Stop lawlessness in this country!

Yours faithfully,

T. Jadunauth