The GYSM strongly backs Mr Hoyte's leadership
Stabroek News
February 1, 2002

Dear Editor,

For the past few weeks, there have been many writers voicing their concerns and opinions about Mr Hugh Desmond Hoyte, leader of the People's National Congress/Reform and the individual who we (GYSM) see fit as the only one that can lead the PNC/R into the next general elections.

However, one writer Mr Aubrey Norton, former General Secretary and member of Parliament for the PNC, sees Mr Hoyte as an outdated figure in the political arena. As a member of the GYSM, myself and others see Mr Hoyte as the leading figure in the political arena, who brings to the table years of experience and leadership qualities that many or most politicians are lacking today.

The GYSM believes and honours the policies of the PNC/R and therefore strongly backs Mr Hoyte's leadership for the 2006 general elections. I think Mr Norton has forgotten where he is from and where he is going to be.

Even if Mr Hoyte is not as healthy as could be, we have to give him support while he is grooming someone to succeed him. Mr Norton and Mr Burke, we cannot highlight our internal political problems in the public. As members of the PNC/R, we should make positive contributions to the welfare of the party and country, instead of going against the party. We cannot show the enemy our weak spot. We should build a strong force that will triumph over them.

Yours faithfully,

Randy Nurse

Regional Vice-Chairman

GYSM #10

National Executive Member