Should this doctor have been reinstated?
Stabroek News
January 29, 2002

Dear Editor,

I read with disbelief an article (SN 25.01.02) by Daniel DaCosta with the heading "No legally constituted Medical Council exists." This was referring to a statement alleged to have been made by Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Minister of Health.

In paragraph three the minister is alleged to have said and I quote "I told a doctor who was struck off the list by the Council that he should not recognise the Council and should continue to practise at the Georgetown Hospital".

Whether or not there was a Medical Council functioning this doctor is said to have performed an operation on a pregnant women in order to abort the pregnancy and to be the cause of her death. A husband and children are now left without a loved one.

This matter should have been passed over to the police and if the evidence justified it the doctor should have been charged and indeed be struck off the list of registered practitioners. I am also aware that this doctor was not a practising gynaecologist.

How can the Minister of Health let loose on the unsuspecting patients someone who has committed such an act in his home or surgery since we know it was not done in the Georgetown Hospital?

By sending this man back to the Georgetown Hospital is the minister condoning this act?

In conclusion, I wish to extend to the grieving family my heartfelt sympathies and advise them to seek legal advice. May this wife, mother, daughter etc. rest in peace knowing that she may not have died in vain.

Yours faithfully,

Ovid Holder